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The Trial of Jesus: Victim of Bigotry and Cowardice

Elio Palombi

2015, 67pp, 210 x 148mm, illustrated

Threadsewn paperback £10.00; Kindle edition £3.99

ISBN 978-0906584-68-2

Who was responsible for the death of Jesus? Was it fore-ordained by God to save the world? Did Jesus bring it on himself by insisting on going to Jerusalem? Was it the Jewish high priests who condemned him for blasphemy? Was it the crowd which shouted ‘Crucify him’? Was it Pilate who handed him over to be killed?

In Beaconsfield Publishers’ latest book, the author shows how Jesus’ message of love and tolerance, so rapturously received by the masses, was recognised by the Jewish elite as being a dangerous threat to the fragile privileges they enjoyed under Roman sufferance. At the same time, Pontius Pilate is seen to have been a political opportunist intent on saving his own career at any price.

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Capri - The Island Revisited: MacKowen's Classic Text with Comprehensive New Material

John Clay MacKowen,
Ed. Professor Anna Maria Palombi

2012, 220pp, 210 x 148mm, illustrated

Threadsewn paperback £20.00; Kindle edition £5.99

ISBN 978-0906584-63-7

This spirited work, first published in 1884 – and now reset and amplified by modern scholars who know Capri well – covers all aspects from Antiquity to the present day of this extraordinary island’s history, geology and people.

John Clay MacKowen’s classic work Capri was published in 1884, but its spirited and informative writing remains as attractive for the modern reader as it did when it first appeared. This present edition starts with a newly typeset version of the original book, and then takes it further with new chapters by modern specialists, each one bringing MacKowen’s material up to date in the light of modern scholarship and findings.

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Lymphoedema: Advice on Self-management and Treatment, 3rd Revised Edition

Peter Mortimer, FRCP, MD and Jacquelyne Todd, MCSP, PGCE(FE)

2007, 50pp, 210 x 148mm, illustrated

Paperback £6.50; Kindle edition £2.99

ISBN 978-0906584-59-0

For the patient – explains what lymphoedema is and provides a self-management plan that can be followed at home.

What is lymphoedema? How does it start? Can it be cured? Will it go away by itself? Can anything be done to reduce the swelling? All too often people with lymphoedema are told that nothing can be done and that they must learn to live with it.

The purpose of this booklet is to help you become the expert in your own treatment. It shows you how to manage the condition yourself with good skin care, an appropriate pressure garment, exercise, and massage. By making the advice given here a part of your daily activity you will be able to control the swelling and its effects.

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Hysterectomy, Vaginal Repair, and Surgery for Stress Incontinence, 6th Revised Edition

Sally Haslett, RN, RM, RHV, Molly Jennings, MCSP, Hilary Walsgrove, RN, BSc, MA and Wendy Weatheritt, MCSP, HPC

2010, 48pp, 210 x 148mm, illustrated

Paperback £6.95; Kindle edition £2.99

ISBN 978-0906584-62-0

For the woman who has either recently undergone or who is facing the prospect of a hysterectomy, a vaginal repair for prolapse, or an operation for stress incontinence; this booklet describes how to prepare for the operation,and what to do afterwards for a trouble-free return to normal life.

What is a hysterectomy, or a repair for prolapse, or an operation for stress incontinence? Will I put on weight or suffer from depression? Will I still have periods, or need contraception? How soon after these operations can I do housework, return to work or drive a car? Will my sex life be affected? What about lifting – how soon and how heavy? When can I go swimming or do some gardening or start exercising again?

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Travel Fit: Essential Exercises for When You Travel

Damian Honey BSc, MCSP, SRP and Penny Catt BSc, MCSP, SRP

2004, 44pp, 210 x 148mm, illustrated

Paperback £5.00

ISBN 978-0906584-56-9

The essential guide to staying healthy and comfortable when on the move. Compact and user-friendly, it is written for anyone who has ever had anxieties about DVT or who has arrived at their destination feeling stiff, achy and irritable. Cars, planes, coaches and trains get you from A to B, but they take an enormous toll on your body.

The authors explain why travelling in a sedentary position is so hard on your body, particularly on the joints, muscles and circulatory system. They follow this with postural advice and a series of illustrated and fully described stretches and exercises, each designed to improve your sense of wellbeing on a journey. They then identify the stretches and exercises most relevant to the different forms of travel. A brief Appendix on deep vein thrombosis and compression hosiery is provided to help the reader to assess, and thus reduce, the risk of circulatory disturbances.

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Nursing For Continence, 2nd Revised Edition

Ed. Christine Norton, PhD, MA, RN

1996, 401pp, 216 x 138mm, illustrated

Threadsewn paperback £18.00

ISBN 978-0906584-42-2

The definitive text on the nursing care of the incontinent patient. The target reader is the trained nurse, with a wide secondary readership in related professional fields.

This second edition of Nursing for Continence is written by nurses, for nurses. A panel of leading continence nurse specialists in the UK have contributed their expertise to fully rework the well-received and successful first edition. The purpose is to make it possible for all nurses, in whatever setting, to take a positive approach to continence care.

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Bowel Control: Information and Practical Advice

Christine Norton, PhD, MA, RN and Michael A. Kamm, MB, BS, MD, FRCP, FRACP

1998, 48pp, 205 x 210mm, illustrated

Paperback £9.50

ISBN 978-0-906584-49-1

For the person who lives with this difficult condition.

Why do I have a problem with bowel control? Is it something I’ve just got to live with or can I ever hope for some improvement? … I hate the embarrassment of it – will I ever be able to feel safe? Is there such a thing as specialist nurses or doctors I can talk to? I’ve heard you can have surgery for the problem – is this likely to be a good idea for me? Is there anything I can do to help myself?

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